Stuck Inside Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final Post

I can't root for this team any more. I've already wasted about 40% of my life expectancy as a Cubs fan. I can't let the other 60% be wasted as well. I cannot sit idly by an let the disease of rooting for this franchise infect my son. There's still hope for him to be happy.

$100 million dollars has bought one of the worst on-field products in recent memory. There's more plate discipline in the 12-year-olds' rec-league down the street. I'm tired of trying to schedule my life around WGN telecasts, spending money on XM radio that would be better served in a college fund, and defending my fandom in a college football town, to a bunch of pseudo-baseball fans that occasionally root for the Indians or Reds (when they're good).

I'm not giving up on baseball- I'm just giving up on the Cubs. Until this franchise shows 1/1,000,000th of the loyalty to fans that we have shown to this franchise, I'm done.


  • I can see how it'd be horrible to be a Cubs fan for you, I'm sure you're just now recovering from that twisted ankle you got after jumping on the bandwagon in 2003. I guess you forgot how much it hurt to bump your head when you tried to get on the bandwagon back in '98.

    Seriously though, feel free to get off the bandwagon. I guess it wasnt the hillbilly hayrack ride that you have probably come to expect living in the buckeye state. Perhaps you should look into Nascar or professional Hog Calling, as both would probably make more sense for those living in Columbus.

    You say that you've thrown away "40% of your life" but I assure you, no one cares. Im sure you can catch up on all the Star Trek reruns on the SciFi channell and play plenty of Yahoo! Chess in place of watching professional baseball.

    If you come back to the bandwagon I suggest knee pads and a helmet, although I think you should look into getting a helmet on a fulltime basis anyway. We wont be waiting for you, but when the Cubs start to win again I'll expect your return. Thats how it works with fairweather fans like yourself.

    Go enjoy Yankee baseball. Idiot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 PM  

  • Thanks for the comments, Mr. Hendry.

    I didn't know the Sci-Fi Channel had reruns of Star Trek. Is that what you do when you're not bringing in more sub-.200-hitting second basemen?

    By Blogger Publius, at 5:52 PM  

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